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The Doorway to Independence

Living Room is a service meeting the needs of individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities in and around Cumbria. Our aim is to enable people to live and work as independently as possible.

We offer real life experience for our clients. Your current provider or college may rely on classroom based worksheets to tick learning objectives but not here at Living Room. Independence has to be experienced, so if our clients need to build on their cooking skills, they decide on the recipe, they travel to the shops, they compare ingredients, they pay, they cook, they eat! Personalised practical support is given at all stages with the client not for the client and is based on their needs and wishes.

We also assess learning difficulties and disabilities, formulate practical and innovative solutions to enhance individuals’ employability and provide awareness training to business. Our team have also received national recognition for the ground breaking work we have pioneered with assistive technology and behavioural management solutions.

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