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  1. Independence

    ... your home or family whilst still offering a safe and supported environment. Here you can learn to prepare and make meals for yourself, make beds, do the laundry and tidy after yourself, gathering essential ...
  2. Cookie Policy

    ... about how you use this site solely to make the use of the site easier. No information is collected, no information is stored and no information is sold to third parties. Cookies are small data files ...
  3. Happy Puppy

      We have our own enterprise company established by a group of our clients called “Happy Puppy”. Our clients make produce for the company which is retailed in local outlets and craft fairs. Profits ...
  4. Education

    ... the community. Screening for Specific Learning Differences. Enable learners to live independently and to make a constructive contribution to society and the community. Provide experiential learning in ...
  5. Consultancy and Training

    In line with government guidelines on equality and diversity plus the Disability Discriminations Act, employers are obliged to make reasonable adjustment for employees with learning difficulties and ...
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