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  1. Independence

    ... learn employability skills or travel around the county. We will encourage you to set goals, help you reach them and exceed new ones. Using a real house allows you to directly transfer learnt skills to ...
  2. Happy Puppy

    ... help fund external activities and social nights out such as a recent overnight trip to see "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Glasgow.   This is an ideal tool for teaching money management, among other skills, ...
  3. Pricing

    Fees for Independent Living Skills are taken via Direct Payments: £60 per person per day Monday - Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm Our aim is to cover all costs within this wherever possible. However, transport ...
  4. Education

    ... same opportunities to achieve these aspirations.   We would like to work with you to try and address this issue, offering skills training, to ease their transition from school to college, employment ...
  5. The Doorway to Independence

    ... experienced, so if our clients need to build on their cooking skills, they decide on the recipe, they travel to the shops, they compare ingredients, they pay, they cook, they eat! Personalised practical ...
  6. Transition

    ... us but an even greater challenge for those with learning differences. We hope to ease that transition by affording the learners the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence required for independence. ...
  7. Facilities

    ... parents for the weekend? Here at Living Room this is a reality and again we offer the flexibility to mentor you while you need us.   It is an ideal domestic environment to learn essential living skills, ...
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