The Doorway to Independence


Most people take independence for granted but they only get there by gaining experience and confidence over their lifetime, for others that confidence and experience needs to be built up.

Living Rooms person centred approach supports and encourages independent living based on your aspirations, pace and confidence level. Those aspirations may be to move into a flat, be more self sufficient, join a club, learn employability skills or travel around the county. We will encourage you to set goals, help you reach them and exceed new ones.

Using a real house allows you to directly transfer learnt skills to your home or family whilst still offering a safe and supported environment. Here you can learn to prepare and make meals for yourself, make beds, do the laundry and tidy after yourself, gathering essential skills such as personal and food hygiene, healthy eating, handling money, budgeting, problem solving, home and personal safety along the way. As people progress, they cook meals for their families and even look after them for the weekend all with the level of support that they need.

But we also get out and about. Which bus will take us to the shops? What happens if I miss the stop? What if the shop doesn't have what I want? Do I have enough money? We will be with you each step of the way to give you the confidence to make informed and approriate personal choices as situations change.

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