The Doorway to Independence


Many of our young people leave school and have limited choices for progression yet the first steps into a new life may mean leaving home to go to residential college. This is a huge step for any of us but an even greater challenge for those with learning differences. We hope to ease that transition by affording the learners the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence required for independence.

We acknowledge that young people with learning difficulties have the same aspirations as everyone else, a job, a partner, a home, a pet, children and self esteem. We can help the learners to achieve their personal goals by offering the flexibility and support to mirror their individuals needs and wishes. 

Social Skills

First Aid

Developing Relationships

Work Skills

Domestic Skills

Sport/Outdoor Activities

Food Hygene


Confidence Building


Food Preparation

Application of Number

Self Awareness

Travel Skills

Personal Development

Small Animal Care

Household Management


Money Management


Team Building

Care For Others

Problem Solving



Our curriculum is “Learner Led” and mapped to the Foundation level tier which allows it to be tailored to each learner’s aspirations.

We offer practical solutions to enable people live their lives as independently as possible. 

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