The Doorway to Independence


After discussions with the YPLA we agreed that there was room for improvement in terms of what can be offered to our young people. As you know, once a learner leaves school their options are limited, they can go to college locally, go to college out of county, have no progression prospects or go into day care. What do our young people want? They have the same aspirations as the rest of us but not always same opportunities to achieve these aspirations.

We would like to work with you to try and address this issue, offering skills training, to ease their transition from school to college, employment and/or living independently. We offer experiential learning in a domestic environment which is mapped to the Edexel foundation learning qualifications.


We are committed to providing a person centred, flexible approach to our service and as such feel we can tailor the training appropriately, whether this means a change to our curriculum or a change of venue. To ensure quality we also like to keep our class size small.

Our aims and objectives
Provide advice guidance and training around disability and behavioural issues.
To promote a positive attitude towards learners with learning differences within the community.
Screening for Specific Learning Differences.
Enable learners to live independently and to make a constructive contribution to society and the community.
Provide experiential learning in a domestic environment.
Give each learner the skills they require to achieve their life goals and aspirations by adopting a person centred approach, in an inclusive learning manner, in a safe and supported environment.
Enable learners to make informed and appropriate choices.


We offer practical solutions to enable people live their lives as independently as possible.

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